Become an Envision partner

As a certified Envision partner, you can secure new customers – quite simply and reliably through us. We take care of customer acquisition, making the right offers and finalizing the contracts. When all this is signed and sealed, you take over the installation and the service.

New customers for your business

You will provide your services only to qualified customers who already signed up for our Charging by EnOSTM Bundle. This means orders from customers who are now only waiting for their installation.

Our customers are your new customers

We advise, assist and support customers who want to charge their EV at home. When they have made their decision, all you need to do is the installation and services on site.

Customers sign contracts with us

When the customer signs up, we take care of the contractual details, calculate the installation costs and take over these completely.

We provide all the information you need

Our Installation Assistant makes sure that you always get all the information you need. With our individual and predefined installation packages, we prepare customers for the installation in the best possible way.

From us to you

We notify you as soon as all the information you need is complete. Once you have it, installation can be planned right away.

You like the idea of becoming an Envision Installer. Great!

Please fill out the form and send it to us. Our Support-Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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