Charging by EnOS™

Professional charging solutions and energy management for the hotel of the future

Innovative. Connected. Sustainable.

The all-in-one solution for hotels from the leading greentech company Envision Digital.

Envision Digital supports hotels with an integrated Plan E as part of the all-in-one Charging-as-a-Service solution. We guide you and your team from conception to installation to the operation of your customized charging solution to meet your guests' needs and make a verified, sustainable contribution to achieving ambitious climate goals through valuable synergies and lucrative opportunities through parking and e-infrastructure upgrades.

What makes the optimal charging solution for hotels?

In addition to regulatory and coordination issues, three success factors crystallize for successful installation and optimized use of your charging infrastructure.

1. Usage & Billing Model

With our all-in-one Charging by EnOS™ solution, charging points in your hotel can be enabled for guests. You can attract new guests and allow easy on-site usage and control by listing them on charging station finder platforms.

Quick activation of guests

Your guest can start the charging process, e.g. with the hotel card or a card provided by Envision. There is no need for an additional app that still needs to be downloaded.


How you charge the charging process to the guest is up to you. Many options can be provided: whether as a free service, with a flat fee per charging process, or based on consumption. 

Pricing and collective billing

In case of charging by third parties at activated charging boxes, you as the hotel operator have a free hand in pricing. You will receive an invoice for all charging processes through Envision Digital and the CO2 savings at the end of the month.

2. Installation and Hardware

Charging station and installation perfectly matched in a complete package and installed by an e-mobility specialist.

Charging stations from brand manufacturers

Envision Digital offers intelligent chargers (11 & 22kW with or without calibration conformity) from well-known manufacturers such as ETREL or ALFEN. The charging boxes work with almost all models of all car manufacturers (Type 2 plug).

In-house electricians

Through our in-house electricians and certified partner companies, we offer a professional and fast installation and maintenance service for our customers available throughout Germany.

Comprehensive service package

Part of this is a pre-visit to create a comprehensive consultation and an individual offer based on the local conditions. The service also includes remote hardware maintenance and an annual maintenance visit.

3. Power connection capacity and load management

Many questions need to be clarified in advance for a professionally planned charging infrastructure - from the number of charging points to their capacity to the best possible arrangement. However, the key success factor is matching the charging solution to the available capacity of the house connection.


Static load management

It is a fact that charging e-vehicles adds a high additional energy demand. Static load management provides an easy option here.


Dynamic load management

Dynamic load management dynamically adjusts the total charging power available to the charging stations to the current power consumption of the building and dynamically distributes it between charging stations.

From A to Z for E

The all-round solution from Envision Digital at a glance


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Key questions

There are various ways you can offset the charging solution with your tenants or owners.

Envision Digital's portfolio covers smart renewables (solar, wind), Smart Cities, connected energy and intelligent power plants. As a key player in AIoT operating systems, Envision Digital is building an ecosystem of partners to enable the energy transition and digital transformation worldwide.

More than 500 employees and experts work for Envision Digital in more than 10 countries, including Singapore, France, Norway, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, and the United States.

With Envision Digital Retail Operations GmbH, Envision Digital is establishing itself in the German market for E-Mobility. We use our experience working with companies and cities to offer our end customers a tailored and attractive all-in-one package for the mobility transition.

Our shared goal is climate neutrality. To achieve this goal, our all-in-one solution allows everyone to live more sustainably. Only with affordable sustainability, without significant compromises and cuts in our everyday lives, will we achieve broad acceptance. We see ourselves as a building block and contributor to this transformation. Charging by EnOS™ is the first step for private households.

It's a fact - our cars are parked at work or home about 95% of the day. What could be more obvious than to start exactly there with our solution? The start of a new era means advancing the transformation of transportation and rethinking our energy production and consumption. The beginning of a new era is Plan E. E for electromobility because it is an essential building block for a more sustainable way of life.

But it only works if there are enough charging options available. One of the most critical places for charging is undoubtedly your own home. And here, we offer an all-in-one charging solution for the increasing number of electric cars - with charger, installation, and electricity tariff all from one provider. In one contract. Simple, transparent, and sustainable. But electromobility is just one component of many for a more sustainable way of life. That is why we are just at the beginning of our journey. At the center of our vision is EnOS™.

"EnOSTM" stands for Energy Operating System and is a long-standing, proven, intelligent yet open platform - the center of an ever-expanding ecosystem. Our goal: We are reorienting the generation and consumption of energy, and Digital Transformation. Worldwide.

EnOSTM already connects and manages a large number of energy producers and consumers. It connects cities and companies in an intelligent way. Our partner companies include Accenture, Amazon Web Services, Govtech, Keppel, Microsoft, Nissan, Tableau, Total, PSA International, and sonnen.

With the launch in Germany, Envision Digital opens up the EnOSTM platform to the private home user market. It enables private individuals to enjoy the same benefits previously reserved for large electricity consumers such as companies and cities. 

In straightforward terms - the introduction of our all-in-one charging solution, "Charging by EnOSTM," is the first step to intelligent management of all energy around the house with the help of EnOSTM.

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