Chargers with benefits

A full load of advantages with our high quality chargers

An all-time ready-to-drive electric car is your goal. High-quality chargers are the prerequisite for this. We offer a selection of chargers from quality manufacturers and have the right charging solution for every need and every application scenario. All devices in the range come with a strong additional advantage: Envision Digital’s smart software. It guarantees that your charger will continue to operate safely, cost-transparently, and comply with the prescribed standards. Get started and set the standards of tomorrow today with Envision Digital.

Which Charger is the right one for you?

We have various models of different brands such as Alfen, Easee, Etrel and Keba in our portfolio. If the requested model is not available online, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Together with you, we will find a suitable model for your needs. 


Tested and passed. 

The chargers in our range convince with the following advantages.

Compatible with almost all car manufacturers

Exclusively European quality manufacturers

Can be combined with your photovoltaic system

Up to 5 times faster than at a regular power socket

Vandal-proof, weather- and water-resistant

Calibrated electricity meter for precise recording of consumption

Your benefits with us

Envision Digital offers more than just a selection of high-quality charging stations. Through our smart software EnOS™, your charger is charged with additional intelligence. We have various models in our portfolio and select the best device with you. 



All our chargers are equipped with internet access and allow device-independent control. This means that they already meet the future legal requirements. The purchase of a quality product is also worthwhile for reasons of practicality: You can control your charger even when you are not right in front of it. In addition, remote maintenance offers a quick solution to ensure continuous operational readiness.

Access from anywhere.

With our feature-packed app, you can control your charger conveniently and securely from anywhere. Start and stop the charging process flexibly to charge your car only at cost-effective, off-peak times.



Staying safe.

Just plug it in and start charging? Or do you need more control, e.g. because your charger is installed in publicly accessible areas or in a garage that cannot be locked? Activate the authentication mode to protect your charger from third-party access. You can activate new users (e.g. visitors, friends) at any time via the app. Alternatively, RFID cards are also availaible for authentication.


Business compatibility

Do you use your e-car for both private and business purposes? Then use one of our models with a calibrated meter to provide your company with consumption-based billing. A convenient, economical alternative to purchasing two separate chargers.


Keeping track

With the app, you can see exactly how much electricity you have charged, when, and at what price. This gives you complete control over costs and consumption at all times. You can choose between different modes of view: in the Sessions View, you can compare individual charging processes; with the Weekly View, you can see the distribution over the weekdays, and the Monthly View reveals, among other things, whether you have already used up the kilowatt-hours included in your contract.


Installation? No problem.

We offer you not only the best charging stations on the market but also a professional installation of your charging solution, including an in-depth consultation beforehand. Get to know your options! We will make you a customized offer that fits your needs exactly.



With us in a complete package: Professional installation by an e-mobility specialist from your region.


Green electricity

Complete your sustainable mobility solution - with a green electricity package.


Note: The KfW subsidy for private households is currently paused!


Yes! From 24.11.2020, it will be possible to apply for a grant of 900 euros per private charger or wallbox from KfW Bank. Our all-in-one solution meets all the requirements! The EnOS™ Charger is intelligent, our tariff package only includes electricity from renewable energies, and professional partner companies carry out the installation.


Note: To be eligible for funding from KfW, you must select the 11 kW variant.


It is important to apply for the grant on the KfW site first and only then configure and order the Charging by EnOS™ Bundle.

Note: For eligibility for KfW funding, you must select the 11 kW version.

We generally recommend choosing the 11 kW version. The charging power is sufficient to charge standard electric vehicles during the night fully.

Installation of the 22 kW often incurs significantly higher installation costs. In addition, a registration of the charging station is necessary, and an inspection with subsequent approval by the responsible distribution network operator. This can take several weeks, and often the application is rejected. We offer to increase the power from 11 kW to 22 kW at a later date. As far as possible, we create the necessary conditions for this when installing the 11 kW charger.

In order to be able to charge at your home, you need a parking space with a wall for securing the charger. A power connection for the charger or wallbox is also required at the parking space.

A smart wallbox offers numerous advantages through its connection to the internet. For example, an intelligent wallbox can be maintained remotely and continuously updated with software and security updates. Furthermore, our Charger is equipped to optimize self-consumption and grid-serving charging in the future through various charging modes. This means that the wallbox intelligently decides when to charge, for example, when electricity is particularly cheap. In this context, "grid-serving" means, for example, taking and storing electricity when there is a surplus in the grid. An intelligent wallbox can also be controlled remotely via an app and networked with solar systems, heat pumps, and electricity storage systems.

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