The world’s first energy community

Our mission: To empower the global energy and mobility revolution. For everyone. With everyone. Because we use the power of the community.

To enable this, Envision sets entirely new standards – with the EnOSTM software and AIoT platform. We utilize smart connectivity and control functions to harmonize the generation and consumption of renewable energies with e-mobility.

Envision: our vision

Our impact in numbers

  • 34.28

    mio tons of CO2 reduction

  • 9.62

    mio tons of coal savings

  • 34.380

    GWh energy generated

  • 280.918

    users connected

  • 14.210

    chargers installed

About Envision

Envision is committed to creating a world of beautiful energy. A world in which energy is cleaner, more secure and affordable.

2007 saw the founding of Envision as a pioneering provider of digital energy technology. Today, we are the world’s leading company for wind turbine technology.

Every day, our Global R&D Centers in Asia, Europe, and North and South America bring the realization of the worldwide energy revolution a little closer.

Our Vision

We are more than just an energy company.
We believe in sustainable energy as the driver of our future. The symbiosis of art and science enables us to develop innovative products that help us to interact with nature in better ways, master the energy revolution, and create a world full of beautiful energy.

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