Charge your EV at home. Affordable. Sustainable. Simple.

Start your own electric mobility revolution with intelligent charging technique and your personal Charging Package.
Simple as never before, easily from home. Get connected to one of the world’s largest communities of renewable
energy with EnOSTM.

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Fully-integrated solution

Charging by EnOS™ works with the vast majority of homes and with any electric vehicle which uses a standard Type-2 connector. Our all-in-one package simplifies electric vehicle charging for your home and helps you focus on enjoying your electric vehicle.

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Charge and drive CO2 neutral

Sign up now for Charging by EnOSTM and save on a charging package tailored to your needs. You’ll pay a monthly flat rate to enjoy all the benefits of truly low-cost sustainable energy.

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Hassle-free installation

Our installation is designed to be hassle-free with a guaranteed nation-wide fixed price2: book your installation now at nationwide fixed prices. Envision arranges absolutely everything − from application to activation − all from a single source.

What’s Inside

Envision EnOS Charger installed at home

Smart Charger

Simple and all-inclusive

We offer a top-of-the-line smart charger with up to 22KW of charging capacity. You pay one fee with no hidden costs and we take care of the setup.

Charging by EnOS™ App

Charging by EnOS™️ App

It’s all part of the package

EnOS™ is the software platform that connects a wide network of clean energy producers to sustainability-minded EV owners from around the world. Not only does our app allow you to manage the entire charging experience through one seamless interface, it also connects you to one of the world’s biggest networks for renewable energy.

Tailored to you

Choose one of our charging packages

based on your personal needs

Starting from fall 2020 1

Ready to go in just three easy steps


You choose your package

Select the service package that best suits your household energy and driving needs


We deliver everything you need

We take care of delivery and will bring everything you need for a seamless setup. Included in your package is a top-of-the-line smart charger.


We take care of installation and setup

We take care of absolutely everything – including the paperwork. We will cover all necessary applications and permissions required by your network operator. Once onsite, our certified electricians will professionally install and set up your new smart charger and metering device. All you need to do is start charging.

Car charging

The Charging by EnOS™️ Community

The power behind the community

EnOSTM is the software platform that connects a wide network of clean energy producers to sustainability-minded EV owners around the world. By signing up for our service, you can leverage this network in numerous ways and enjoy green mobility.

Help us start the electric mobility revolution.

Register today and receive 200 EUR off your subscription. Our service launches in Fall 2020.3

1 The free kilometers allowed are based on a contract term of 24 months and an average energy consumption of 400 kWh per 5.000 km and year.

2 Envision offers you several installation packages for a guaranteed fixed price. The scope of the services and the terms of each package is depending on the individual conditions at your place. Please receive further information via

3 Our Charger & Installation Package is available beginning autumn 2020. Your registration is sufficient to secure the discount when placing a binding order for the package. Please mind that the discount will only be given once per household. Per order we will only grant one discount on the purchase price. If not agreed differently you can’t combine several offers for one order.

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