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To find out whether Charging by EnOS™ will work for you, it is best to arrange a free consultation or order a pre-visit via our online shop. Experts will then check the installation conditions on-site, and you will then receive a quote.

A pre-visit is an on-site visit carried out by one of our professional regional partner companies. An electrician will come to your home and check the conditions on-site. This is how we ensure that a potential installation at your premises goes as smoothly as possible.

The installation of the charger or wallbox must always be carried out by specialized and professional partner companies, as these are high-voltage lines. This also applies to installations in the distribution box and the connection to the utility grid. With the Charging by EnOS™ Bundle, these services are part of the All-in-One solution, including a pre-visit that may be necessary to check the conditions at the installation site. Note: For eligibility for KfW funding, the installation must be carried out by a certified electrician. All our partner companies fulfil this requirement.

If you have ordered the charging station from our online shop, it will be sent to you. Otherwise, the electrician will bring the charging station, the Smart Meter (if applicable), and additional materials for the installation. You do not need to prepare anything else! Please make sure that the place(s) of installation are freely accessible.

The charger must be attached to a solid wall. This is generally possible if your carport is adjacent to a house or garage wall. If you have any questions about the installation location, please feel free to contact our service team.

Our standard packages include all services necessary for the installation and operation of the Charger and the Smart Meter. If electricity is purchased through Envision, it is a prerequisite that there is free space for the Smart Meter in the distribution box, the existing building electrics are sufficient, and no wall breakthroughs or earthworks are necessary.


We offer service packages for a wide range of installation conditions. These are individually compiled for you during our checkout, based on your information. All our package features can also be found on our website.

No. Installations must be carried out by professional partner companies.


Note: For eligibility for KfW funding, the installation must be carried out by a certified electrician. All our partner companies meet this requirement.

It is difficult to name an average price for an installation. Therefore, we have decided to put together packages for our customers individually. The costs for an installation can range from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros. Cost drivers are generally breakthrough and excavation work, renewal of distribution or fuse cabinets or other modernization services of the house electronics.

You can find indicative prices on our website under Installation.

Depending on the on-site situation, the installation takes between 4 and 6 hours. However, in rare cases, it can take one or even two full days.

After installation and assembly, the electrician configures the charger together with the technical support of Envision Digital Retail Operations GmbH. The configuration takes about 30 to 60 minutes.


The operational readiness of your charger also depends on the registration or approval of the distribution grid operator. This can take from a few weeks to - in rare cases - several months. Since the 22kW version of the charger requires registration and approval from the distribution grid operator, we must assume a much longer period of time. We will take care of the registration and approval process for you.

The distribution cabinet (also: distribution box or meter cabinet) is usually located in the basement. If you are a tenant, you should contact your landlord.

Our goal is to make the installation as easy and smooth as possible for you. Unless otherwise communicated by our service team and/or the electrician, you do not need to prepare anything else. It is important that the installation location of the charger and the distribution cabinet are accessible and that you are at home on the agreed installation date.


A charger or wallbox is a charging station for electric vehicles used in non-public areas, e.g., in company car parks or at private residential units. Or put another way: The charger is the electricity refueling station for your home. 


The wallbox is the connection between the AC grid and the electric car. While private charging stations supply alternating current (AC), more and more public fast-charging stations charge with direct current (DC). A wallbox with a type 2 plug, such as the charger from Envision Digital, can charge with up to 22kW. This is the maximum for private use.

Note: The subsidy for private charging infrastructure is currently paused.


Since 24.11.2020, it has been possible to apply for a grant of 900 euros per private charger or wallbox through KfW Bank. Our all-in-one solution meets all the requirements! The EnOS™ Charger is intelligent, our tariff package only includes electricity from renewable energies, and professional partner companies carry out the installation.


Note: To be eligible for a KfW grant, you must select the 11kW variant.


It is important to apply for the grant on the KfW site first and only then configure and order your Charging by EnOS™ charging station.

You can find more information about the KfW grant here.

A standard household socket can usually only charge electric cars with up to 2.3 kW in the long term. A charger or wallbox supports up to 22kW. Assuming the standard 11kW, the charging process is about 5 times faster. 


An average electric car can thus be fully charged during the night without any problems. A wallbox also has protection devices against DC and AC faults. Unlike a household socket, it is designed for high loads over a long period of time.

This is regulated by law. According to §19 NAV, electric charging devices for electric cars up to a power of 12 kW must be registered with the responsible grid operator. This is important to ensure the electricity grid's stability and avoid grid overloads.

Note: To be eligible for funding from KfW, you must select the 11kW variant.


We generally recommend choosing the 11kW version. The charging power is sufficient to charge standard electric vehicles during the night fully.


Installation of the 22kW often incurs significantly higher installation costs. In addition, a registration of the charging station is necessary, and an inspection with subsequent approval by the responsible distribution network operator. This can take several weeks, and often the application is rejected. We offer to increase the power from 11kW to 22kW at a later date. As far as possible, we create the necessary conditions for this when installing the 11kW charger.

To be able to charge at your home, you need a parking space with a wall for mounting the charger. A power connection for the charger or wallbox is also required at the parking space.

Yes, our chargers are brand-name models designed for outdoor use and comply with the relevant DIN standards and certifications for this use. Details on the individual chargers can be found in the manufacturers' datasheets.

A smart wallbox offers numerous advantages through its connection to the Internet. For example, it can be maintained remotely and continuously updated with software and security updates. Furthermore, our charger is equipped to optimize self-consumption and grid-serving charging in the future through various charging modes. This means that the wallbox intelligently decides when to charge, for example, when electricity is particularly cheap. 


"Grid-serving" in this context means, for example, taking electricity and storing it when there are surpluses in the grid. This is particularly important with more electric cars and private charging infrastructure! A smart wallbox can also be controlled remotely via an app and networked with solar systems, heat pumps, and electricity storage systems.

The duration of a charging process depends on the charger or wallbox and the charging power supported by your vehicle. For example, with the 11kW version of our charger, a Renault Zoe R110 charges from 0 to 100 percent in just 4.5 hours.*.


*Acc. to ADAC consumption data, 06/2020 for Renault Zoe R135 Z.E. More information

All chargers from Envision Digital can be controlled with the same app across all manufacturers. The Charging by EnOS™ app is available for iOS and Android and allows convenient control remotely, from anywhere. With the app, you have an overview of past charging events. And you can add charging accounts for guests and friends. We continuously update and improve the app to add new, useful features.

In case of technical problems with the charger, we offer technical customer service 24/7 for emergencies. You can reach it at 0800-430 22 55

Your contact person is always Envision Digital. Once a year, we will be checking in. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service from 08.00 to 18.00 at 0800-430 22 55.

Yes, because the charger or the wallbox in our All-in-One package is an intelligent charging device, it needs Internet access to use all the features. We provide Internet access for your charger with a SIM card already installed. The costs for the SIM card are already included in your tariff package.

Tariff Packages

No, your current electricity rate does not need to be cancelled. The Charging by EnOS™ bundle includes a separate smart meter.

This allows us to provide you with 100% green power for your electric car directly, without depending on other contracts or their terms. We are working to be able to provide you with green and affordable electricity for the rest of your home as well.

Included kilowatt-hours is the amount of electricity you have booked with your individual rate package.

In addition to green electricity, all packages include smart meter fees, SIM cards, annual maintenance, our 24-hour emergency service, and the 24-month price guarantee.

The energy charge is the price for each additional kilowatt-hour that is not part of your electricity package. For each additional kilowatt-hour, there is a charge of 0.29€/kWh.

Yes, we offer a price guarantee for a period of 24 months.

The contract period is 24 months and starts with the first charging process or two months after installation and commissioning.

The electricity packages are tailored for electric car use. However, we are also happy to offer electricity for your entire home. Feel free to contact us about this using our contact form.

Our green electricity comes from the Germany-wide bundling of renewable energies and is then delivered directly to you. By integrating many thousands of decentralized, renewable generation units of various technologies (P.V., wind, biogas, etc.), a high degree of self-sufficiency is guaranteed day and night, as the types of generation complement each other well.


You can start and stop the charging process either directly at the charger or remotely via the app. Our charger can be operated in two modes: the "Plug & Charge Mode", where you simply plug in and charge directly, or the "Authentication Mode", which provides extra security and starts charging only after the user authenticates in the app or at the charger.

Yes, the charging process can be interrupted at any time.

To connect the cable, all you need to do is unlock your car and insert the plug into the Type 2 socket.

The standard charger cable is 5 meters long. It can usually be stored directly on the charger, on the holder provided, or wrapped around the charger.

Yes. All electric cars with a Type 2 connector can be charged with your charger. If you operate the charger in authentication mode, you can invite your guests to charge and create a separate account for them. 

You can conveniently add guests in the Android and iOS app.

Smart Meter

By definition, smart meters are modern digital metering devices with a communication unit (smart meter gateway) for connection to the Internet.


The Smart Meter makes it possible to display consumption by consumers in detail. The communication unit also provides a connection to the Internet. This makes it possible to transmit the data of the electricity consumer recorded by the digital meter to the generator, the energy supplier.


At present, installation is not yet mandatory for private households. Old analog electricity meters will be successively replaced by digital meters by 2032. More details and benefits of smart meters can be found on the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy website.

The smart meter must be installed in a distribution cabinet (also: distribution box or meter cabinet). This is usually located in the basement.

Yes, the smart meter is part of our Charging by EnOS™ bundle.

The metering point operator is responsible for the smart meter. They provide it and, in some cases, install it themselves. Furthermore, they are responsible for its operation and maintenance.

Yes, the smart meter is compliant with calibration law according to German calibration law.

Payment and Billing

You can conveniently view your bills at the end of your monthly billing period in the myEnOS™ customer portal.

We bill our services monthly, as you know from many online services. This way, you always have an up-to-date overview of your costs. There is no need for installment payments with annual billing and additional payments.

At the moment, we offer credit cards and Giropay for one-time payments and credit card and direct debit for monthly electricity bills. We will add more payment methods in the future.

Your monthly bill amount consists of your selected electricity package and your additional kilowatt-hours consumed, if any ("energy charge" for each additional kilowatt-hour 0.29 cents/kWh). Your electricity package includes any additional charges, e.g., SIM cards, annual maintenance, or smart meter.

If you charge more electricity than is included in your package, there is a charge of 0.29€/kWh for each additional kilowatt-hour

No. Due to the monthly invoices, you can expect no surprises at the end of the year. All additional kWh will be billed at the end of the month. Additional payments are therefore out of the question.

No, the monthly invoice amounts always correspond to the actual invoice amount.


Usually, no approval is required for a wallbox with 11kW, but only the registration with the distribution network operator.


For the 22kW version, the responsible grid operator often does not issue a permit. This is usually due to the fact that the power grids are not designed for such high outputs throughout the country. A corresponding modernization and upgrade is generally expensive and must be examined in each individual case. We are happy to advise you!

If you are the owner of your property and not part of a homeowner's association, an installation is easiest. If you are the owner of an apartment, you may need to obtain the consent of the homeowners' association. We will ask for all other important and necessary information for the installation during the consultation or the pre-visit.

In 2020, the German government took a number of steps to promote electromobility more strongly in Germany. On September 17, 2020, it passed an entitlement to the installation of a charging point for e-cars in private homes as part of the Residential Property Modernization Act. This will come into force on December 1, 2020, and regulates the entitlement of tenants and owners of apartments to install charging columns in the shared garage or on the shared property.

We offer charging solutions for a wide variety of use cases. For further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service directly at, use our contact form or call us.


Envision Digital Retail Operations GmbH is subsidiary of Singapore-based Envision Digital. The group's mission is to make energy more efficient through intelligent management for a more sustainable future. At the core of this vision is EnOS™ AIoT software. The world-class AIoT operating system currently connects and manages over 63 million smart devices and 180GW of energy assets worldwide. 


Envision Digital's portfolio covers smart renewables (solar, wind), smart cities, connected energy and smart power plants. As a key player in AIoT operating systems, Envision Digital is building an ecosystem of partners to enable the energy transition and digital transformation worldwide. 


More than 500 employees and experts work for Envision Digital in more than 10 countries, including France, Norway, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, and the United States. 


With Envision Digital Retail Operations GmbH, Envision Digital is establishing itself in the German market for e-Mobility. In doing so, we use our experience working with companies and cities to offer our end customers a tailored and attractive all-in-one package for the mobility transition.

Our shared goal is climate neutrality. To achieve this goal, our all-in-one solution allows everyone to live more sustainably. Only with affordable sustainability, without significant compromises and cuts in our everyday lives, will we achieve broad acceptance. We see ourselves as a building block and contributor to this transformation. Charging by EnOS™ is the first step for private households.

It's a fact - our cars are parked at work or home about 95% of the day. What could be more obvious than to start exactly there with our solution? The start of a new era means advancing the transformation of transportation and rethinking our energy production and consumption. The beginning of a new era is Plan E. E for electromobility because it is an essential building block for a more sustainable way of life.

But it only works if there are enough charging options available. One of the most critical places for charging is undoubtedly your own home. And here, we offer an all-in-one charging solution for the increasing number of electric cars - with charger, installation, and electricity tariff all from one provider. In one contract. Simple, transparent, and sustainable. But electromobility is just one component of many for a more sustainable way of life. That is why we are just at the beginning of our journey. At the center of our vision is EnOS™.

Charging by EnOS™ is currently Envision Digital's only service for the consumer market and private home use. However, the future will bring many exciting developments. Because, as said before - we are just at the beginning of our journey.

Charging by EnOS™ is an all-in-one package for our customers, combining hardware, electricity tariff and installation in one offer. The contact person for your concerns is always Envision Digital Retail Operations GmbH.

The myEnOS™ account is your account and access to the myEnOS™ customer portal and the iOS or Android app. In the customer portal, you can find all your contract details, make changes, and get useful updates on your installation, download your monthly bill or change your payment method. In the app, you can access your charging process and allow guests to charge at your garage!

Our service team can be reached by phone from 08:00 to 18:00 on 0800-30 22 55. If you prefer a written inquiry, please feel free to email us at

Charging by EnOS™ works with any vehicle that has a TYPE 2 connector. With a few exceptions (especially older models or imported vehicles), this currently includes almost all e-cars.

"EnOS™" stands for Energy Operating System and is a long-established, intelligent and at the same time open platform - the center of an ever-expanding ecosystem. Our goal: We are realigning the generation of energy and the consumption of energy as well as the Digital Transformation. Globally.


EnOS™ already connects and manages a large number of energy producers and consumers. It intelligently connects cities and businesses. Our partner companies include, for example, Accenture, Amazon Web Services, Govtech, Keppel, Microsoft, Nissan, Tableau, Total, PSA International, and sonnen.


With the launch in Germany, Envision Digital is opening up to the private home user market with the EnOS™ platform, enabling private individuals to enjoy the same benefits previously reserved for large power users such as companies and cities. In plain language - the deployment of our all-in-one charging solution "Charging by EnOS™" is the first step on the path to smart management of all energy around the home using EnOS™.

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