Get money back with the GHG quota!

Sell your GHG quota within 2 minutes and secure 300€ per electric vehicle!


What is the GHG quota?

The greenhouse gas reduction quota (GHG quota for short) is a measure to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) in the transport sector. Mineral oil companies that trade or sell diesel or petrol in Germany are obliged to reduce their CO2 emissions by a fixed percentage (quota). If this cannot be achieved through their own efforts, the companies can purchase GHG quotas from third parties instead of paying fixed penalties.

And this is highly lucrative for you! As a private or commercial owner of e-vehicles, you can sell your GHG quota and thus receive cash from the CO2 savings of your vehicle! With Envision Digital, that's a whopping €300 per vehicle. The application is easy and takes no more than 2-3 minutes!

Just four steps to disbursement for private customers

Theoretically, you could approach the mineral oil companies directly, but this is hardly practicable and extremely time-consuming for both sides. Therefore, the legislator allows you to transfer the processing and marketing of your GHG quota to third parties, and we can achieve higher revenues through pooling.


It's simple. All we need is a copy (scan or photo) of your vehicle registration document and your consent. Envision Digital gives you access to these revenues in a quick and easy way: Follow the four steps to register for the GHG quota and receive the rewards in about 2 minutes.

Are you a corporate client? Click here to register for THG quotas for corporate clients.

Frequently asked questions about the GHG quota

The greenhouse gas reduction quota (GHG quota for short) obliges the mineral oil companies that trade and sell diesel or petrol in Germany to reduce their CO2 emissions by a fixed percentage (quota). They can do this by selling comparatively low-CO2 fuels themselves (e.g. biodiesel, E10) or having third parties do this for them. Third parties are, e.g. owners of e-vehicles, like yourself.

As the owner of an e-vehicle, you are entitled to sell the associated CO2 savings to the companies subject to the quota. Currently, this is still mandatory via your electricity supplier. Envision Digital offers a direct payment of 300€ to your account for this.

You do not have to do more than upload a copy (scan or photo) of your vehicle registration document and provide a few personal details, as well as agree to the stipulation of Envision Digital Retail Service Operations GmbH as your service provider for the processing and marketing of the GHG quota. It is important that you, as the person registering, are also the vehicle owner entered in the vehicle registration document.

Your GHG quota quantities are too small for you to sell to the mineral oil companies. Therefore, in cooperation with a service provider, we bundle your quotas with the quotas of the other customers to generate attractive revenues for you. In addition, there are a number of administrative processes to go through with several authorities that only technically experienced service providers can handle.

Yes, you can claim the GHG quota for your vehicles just like a private person. It is important that the applicant and the vehicle owner registered in the vehicle registration certificate are one and the same person or company. In addition, when registering your vehicles for the GHG quota, please make sure to indicate at the beginning that you are a commercial user, since, for example, the sales tax on the bonus paid will be paid to you in addition.

After registration, you will receive a confirmation email from us to your specified address. Just as when your application is completed.

Within 12 weeks after your registration we will transfer your bonus directly to your bank account.

If you have purchased a used e-car and the GHG quota has already been applied for and paid for the current year, unfortunately, you cannot apply for the GHG quota again.

Your data and documents are processed and stored in compliance with the highest protection regulations according to the DSVGO. They are used and stored exclusively for the implementation of the processes necessary for the GHG quota (mandatory for 3 years). For more information, please refer to our data protection information (DSI).

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