Charging by EnOS™

Scalable, intelligent and integrated charging solution for EVs

Charging by EnOS™ is a smart, cost-effective charging solution for end customers, businesses, and communities. 

The integrated end-to-end solution for sustainable and efficient charging infrastructure for all charging locations.

At Home

Intelligent charging solutions for almost all residential locations, whether single-family or multi-family homes


Charging stations as part of the smart energy management at your company site

On the Go

Easy use of our roaming network with more than 200,000 charging points across Europe

Housing Sector

The complete solution for electromobility in the housing sector


Individual e-Mobility solutions for your employees with central billing and integrated reporting


We offer convenient and straightforward solutions for charging your guests’ EVs.

We simplify e-Mobility. 

Not least, to achieve their climate targets, companies are looking for ways to reduce CO2 emissions by electrifying their fleets. Charging infrastructure is the fundamental prerequisite for a successful mobility turnaround.


But some major obstacles continue to stand in the way of this effort: infrastructure constraints, the power grid’s complexities, and the need for an intelligent connected energy grid to integrate the electric vehicle charging solution with solar (PV) arrays and energy storage systems (ESS).


With our solutions for EVs based on EnOS™ AIoT technology, these challenges can finally be addressed - by turning our buildings into green digital power grids themselves.


Intelligent Load Management

When planning a charging infrastructure, many questions arise - from the number of charging points to their power to the best possible arrangement. But the critical success factor is the available power connection capacity. Existing buildings are electrotechnically designed and built with limited load capacity. By creating a smart connected energy network with the EnOS™ AIoT platform, the charging solution can be integrated with solar (PV) installations and energy storage systems (ESS), increasing the network capacity more than tenfold without the need for network expansion.


Specialists Network for Charging Solutions

Our partner companies are specialists in EV charging solutions and major projects. They accompany the entire process: from appraisal and feasibility analysis to installation and commissioning to ongoing services and maintenance.


Charger by Leading Manufacturers

Envision Digital offers only chargers from leading manufacturers. We are one of the few companies that support different manufacturers. This means more choices and more flexibility in installation for our customers if models are already discontinued or currently not available.


Transparent Billing Models

We offer transparent billing models for housing associations, property managers, owners and tenants. Our All-In-One solution is modular and can be divided into three independent modules that you can split transparently and flexibly between the parties involved in billing, depending on the usage model.

Charging by EnOS™ for your project

Our charging solution is designed to be scalable to all relevant e-mobility cases.


Fleet Charging Solutions

The reduction of CO2 is our central task and challenge in the coming years. We accompany you and your team from the conception to the installation to the operation of your charging solution, regardless of whether you have one or more vehicles in your portfolio.


Multi-Apartment Houses

We support you with the right charging infrastructure for new construction projects and individual retrofitting of existing properties. Valuable synergies and opportunities arise above all in renovations of underground parking and infrastructure.

Envision Digital Germany is subsidiary of Singapore-based Envision Digital. The group's mission is to make energy more efficient through intelligent management for a more sustainable future. At the core of this vision is EnOS™ AIoT software. The world-class AIoT operating system currently connects and manages over 63 million smart devices and 180GW of energy assets worldwide. Envision Digital's portfolio covers smart renewables (solar, wind), smart cities, connected energy and smart power plants. As a key player in AIoT operating systems, Envision Digital is building an ecosystem of partners to enable the energy transition and digital transformation worldwide. More than 500 employees and experts work for Envision Digital in more than 10 countries, including France, Norway, the Netherlands, England, Germany, and the United States. With Envision Digital Germany, Envision Digital is establishing itself in the German market for e-Mobility. In doing so, we use our experience working with companies and cities to offer our end customers a tailored and attractive all-in-one package for the mobility transition.

It's a fact - our cars are parked at work or home about 95% of the day. What could be more obvious than to start exactly there with our solution? The start of a new era means advancing the transformation of transportation and rethinking our energy production and consumption. The beginning of a new era is Plan E. E for electromobility because it is an essential building block for a more sustainable way of life.

But it only works if there are enough charging options available. One of the most critical places for charging is undoubtedly your own home. And here, we offer an all-in-one charging solution for the increasing number of electric cars - with charger, installation, and electricity tariff all from one provider. In one contract. Simple, transparent, and sustainable. But electromobility is just one component of many for a more sustainable way of life. That is why we are just at the beginning of our journey. At the center of our vision is EnOS™.

"EnOS™" stands for Energy Operating System and is a long-standing, proven, intelligent yet open platform - the center of an ever-expanding ecosystem. Our goal: We are reorienting the generation and consumption of energy, and Digital Transformation. Worldwide.

EnOSTM already connects and manages a large number of energy producers and consumers. It connects cities and companies in an intelligent way. Our partner companies include Accenture, Amazon Web Services, Govtech, Keppel, Microsoft, Nissan, Tableau, Total, PSA International, and sonnen.

Charging by EnOS™ works with any vehicle that has a TYPE 2 connector. This currently includes almost all EVs with a few exceptions (especially older models or imported vehicles).

We offer several models of well-known brand manufacturers such as Alfen or Easee. Each charging station we offer is supported by us technically and software-wise. By combining it with an intelligent digital electricity meter (smart meter), this solution is future-proof and already meets all future requirements for the power grid of the future.

The charger or wall box installation must always be carried out by expert and professional partner companies, as it involves high-voltage lines. This also applies to installations inside the distribution box and the connection to the utility grid. With the Charging by EnOS™ Bundle, these services are part of the All-in-One solution, including a possibly necessary pre-visit to check the conditions at the installation site.

Note: For eligibility by KfW, installation must be performed by a certified electrician. All our partner companies fulfil this requirement.

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