Start the e-possible.

With Envision Digital, you can charge your car with 100% sustainable energy – in your garage.

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Fully-integrated solution

Charging by EnOS™ works with the vast majority of homes and with any electric vehicle which uses a standard Type-2 connector. Our all-in-one package simplifies electric vehicle charging for your home and helps you focus on enjoying your electric vehicle.

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Hassle-free installation

Our installation is designed to be hassle-free with a guaranteed nation-wide fixed price2: book your installation now at nationwide fixed prices. Envision arranges absolutely everything − from application to activation − all from a single source.

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Charge and drive CO2 neutral

Sign up now for Charging by EnOSTM and save on a charging package tailored to your needs. You’ll pay a monthly flat rate to enjoy all the benefits of truly low-cost sustainable energy.

Relax and recharge at home with the Charging by EnOSTM Bundle.

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The smart charger for all. And almost all cars.

Our service includes a smart charger with a capacity of up to 22 kW. Plus a new smart meter with no hidden costs. All you need to be 100% ready for the future.

  • Plug in to power up – and enjoy extra security via app authentication
  • Loads up to 5times faster than the average household socket
  • Compatible with any electric car with a Type 2 connector
  • Uniting the best: made in the EU
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Professional installation by a specialist.

Configure your personal installation package online and – that’s it. We’ll handle the entire organization, from request to installation and start-up, through our certified electricians.

  • Certified electricians for your installation
  • Transparent pricing models and installation packages
  • On your wall in a few weeks
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The green side of power.

Simply choose a tariff that reflects your needs. And enjoy the best: our smart meter brings you sustainable energy immediately, without having to wait long for the change.

  • From € 36.90 per month
  • Up to 400 kWh per month included in your package
  • Additional power for only € 0.29/kWh
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It’s in your hands: Sustainable charging with the Charging by EnOSTM app.

With the Charging by EnOS™ app, you can keep an eye on your charging sessions anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s your current status or history, charging becomes completely transparent.

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Be an Envisionist.

Start the e-possible today. With our carefree package: the Charging by EnOS™ Bundle.

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Envision Digital bietet mehr als die Ladelösung für Dein Zuhause: Smartes Energiemanagement für Städte und Gebäude

2050 werden die meisten Menschen global in Städten leben. Umso mehr ist es unser Anliegen,

mit unserer AIoT Software-Plattform EnOSTM bereits heute Lösungen für eine nachhaltige Zukunft rund um eine effiziente Nutzung von Energie anzubieten.

Egal ob als Land, Kommune oder auch für den Immobilien-Sektor – unsere Business-Lösungen sind ein wichtiger Baustein auf dem Weg zur Klimaneutralität.

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